Now Playing: Asian Woman Urinates on Man on Train in U.S.

HastagNet – A woman of Asian descent claims to have urinated on a man in a subway car in New York City, United States (USA). Police are currently hunting for the alleged white male.

The 25-year-old victim, who has not been named, was on a northbound train at around 1.30pm on Saturday (3/20/2021) local time. While sitting inside the train, a man whose face was covered in sebo and dressed all in black approached him. The man stood nearby, then suddenly urinated and was directed at the woman.

“So I shifted to the right and saw his penis directed at me, and instantly his urine soaked my bag and jacket. I looked him in the eye, but he didn’t say anything,” the victim told the AsianFeed blog, as quoted by the Daily Mail on Thursday (3/25/2021).

The woman said there were no passengers in the vicinity who said or did anything to help her. In fact, they all realized the unheralded act. However, he managed to photograph the offender as he got off the train at the 75th Avenue station with his cell phone camera.

The victim described the offender as a white male, of high stature, had a pair of bushy eyebrows and was thought to be in his 60s. The man was wearing a black jacket with a small American flag clearly visible on his chest.

The woman thought to get off the train immediately and reported the incident to the police. However, he undoes his intentions because he is alone and so frightened, that he decides to continue his journey.

Currently, the woman has filed a report of abuse to the police. So far, no arrests have been announced. The incident comes amid a dramatic increase in attacks targeting Asian-Americans since the coronavirus pandemic.

As of Thursday (3/18/2021), a 76-year-old Grandmother of Asian descent was brutally attacked by a man suspected of being a U.S. citizen until her face was battered. The woman of Chinese descent counterattacked, hitting the offender with a wooden beam until it bled. [*]


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